Our home staging service allows you to perfectly stage your property for the sales or rental market.

Allow our team of experienced stylists to offer an objective eye and stage your property with furniture and accessories to help present it in the best way and ensure it demands the best price. We will work with you to consider your target market and style the spaces with them in mind, allowing potential buyers or renters to envisage the space as their home and imagine what a life in this property would look like.

Not only that, but by dressing the space and creating a narrative it allows your property to stand out against other properties on the market. In a time where most people search for their new home online, carefully curated imagery allows you to command the best digital presence and hugely increases your viewing opportunities.

We are able to offer a stylist to work with you to review your property and design a bespoke proposal, filled with advice and tips on how best to present your home to your target audience. We will then help to stage and dress your home with props and accessories to help suggest to buyers or renters how they could use the space. If required we can also recommend photographers to help obtain the best pictures of your property.

We offer a flexible approach and can provide props and accessories for photoshoots and open days, or for a prolonged period on a rolling monthly basis – though we are confident with our help your property won’t be on the market for long!

Investment starts from £250 + VAT for an initial styling consultation. Following this, a bespoke quote for styling and prop hire will then be issued to you, dependent on your requirements.

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