From adapting and spending a lot more time at home during this pandemic, have you found yourself redecorating, moving furniture, or even just dreaming about home interiors?

Since March, the beginning of this pandemic we have all been making sure everything is squeaky clean including our hands, cars, and houses. Staying ‘safe’ is something else we have been practising by shielding if needed and wearing masks but is your homes the safest place? Well, the future prediction from interior designers is that easy to clean surfaces and minimal spaces will become the new trend.

Simple but effective styling. Image by Ayelle Photography.

After having to quickly adapt your house from being a relaxed, homely environment to being your workspace too! I am sure you have had to move furniture around to create the healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Segmenting has become an important concept, allowing yourselves to work from home and finding the fine line between work and rest. The new normal of possibly working from home more often than normal means finding clever and hidden storage where you can shut yourself off from work and making individual spaces more flexible.

Great working from home and comfortable relaxing herringbone oversized armchair. Image by Ayelle Photography.

This new house design will come with other items like more house plants and styling around the house for those video calls and at home quizzes. The love for houseplants has always been popular but during lockdown bringing the outside in has become the new ‘in’ thing. From cacti to herb gardens, people are adding greenery to their homes to bring in some colour, clean air and increase productivity.

Bringing outside, inside with herbs, greenery or cactuses.

Leading on from spaces and design, the next thing to think about is colour. Calm and serenity are the two moods for home interior colour palettes, with your home being a relaxing get away from the pandemic and chaos that is happening. It is believed to be soft and calming neutral tones along with natural materials that will make an appearance in the upcoming trends, to be able to unwind in. Whilst the neutrals will be popular, also the airy and bright tones will be seen a lot in the working home spaces to encourage inspiration and creativity.

Adding neutral tones and natural materials creates a calming environment. Rugs are small changes but adds a big impact. Image by Ayelle Photography.

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