This week we have been lucky enough to host a mini workshop for fellow stylists and wedding planners alongside The Weddinghood, focusing on planning a styled shoot, designing a mood board and picking a colour palette. We thought we would share some of our favourite tips for choosing a colour palette for your own wedding or event. 

You manage to pick out colours you do and don’t like and that work well together all the time in normal day to day life, but why is there something about picking a colour palette for a wedding or event that can feel completely overwhelming for so many? The colours you choose play a huge part in helping to shape the overall design of the day and any decisions made seem so final. You’ve got to try and pick colours which you not only like and work with your venue and season, but also complement each other. Luckily our team of stylists are on hand to give share their top tips when picking your colour palette!

Lounge area styled by our team of stylists for the Rustic Wedding Show. Image captured by our team 

Choose Colours you love

This one might sound obvious but when choosing a colour palette, you should choose colours which you love. Think about what colours you love wearing, how you’ve decorated your own home and colours you remember from your childhood. Thinking about which colours you are naturally drawn too can be a great starting place if you are struggling for ideas and it will make the process of picking things out along the way easier!

The rule of 4

When picking a colour palette, we recommend choosing 4 main colours. The first will be the main base colour of your design, this will appear throughout the design concept and take centre stage for a lot of the design, it should be a colour you love and not too overpowering. Next is a secondary base colour, this needs to work alongside your main base colour and perhaps be a slightly softer tone, think of this colour as the wingman to your main base colour. You then need to choose one accent colours; this should be slightly different and perhaps a bit bolder than the other two colours picked so far but compliment them. Finally, you should choose one contrasting colour for that all-important pop, this colour won’t make up a huge proportion of the overall design but will help to give the styling interest and avoid designs feeling flat or boring.

Example of a colour palette from Digital Synopsis. If you were designing a colour palette the stone and pale orange could work as the two main colours, the peach as the accent and the navy as the contrasting colour. 

Don’t start shopping to soon!

Try to avoid buying or choosing lots of items before picking a clear colour palette. Although the first thing you may want to do is get things booked up and bought, try and take your time to ensure you’re handpicking items which will work with your colour palette and overall design concept. You will change your mind throughout the process and in all likelihood be planning the event over the space of months and even years, to avoid any costly changes of heart try and have a clear concept before you commit to buying anything.

Be specific

Be specific with colour and think about shades and tones instead of just colour itself. Try to avoid picking something because it’s ‘pink’ or ‘green’, there is a huge difference between blush and magenta or sage and lime green! Think about what tones you are working with and how these will all look together. Our stylists always recommend trying to consistently use similar and complimentary tones.

Our Dudley armchair looks striking with a pop of mustard. All props pictured can be found on our prop shopflorals by our team and image by Ayelle Photography

The setting or venue

When choosing a colour palette take into account the colours which are already at the venue, these could include floor and wall colours, which may be hard to cover or hide if they don’t work with your palette. Try and also think about what the lighting (both natural and artificial) is like and if this will affect the colours you want to choose.  

The style of the wedding or event

The style you’re trying to create for the event will also help suggest which colours might work when picking a colour palette

Our Rose Chaise styled with fresh florals in a complimentary palette. Floristry and styling by our team, image by Ayelle Photography

Be bold

Don’t be afraid to be bold and use a slightly brighter or bolder colour in your designs! This can often make the perfect contrasting colour and if used well can make you different elements of your day stand out for all the right reasons.

Beautiful bright florals by Constance Rose at The Holkham Hall Showcase, captured by Tatum Reid. Tableware by CMA Hirestyled by Hall & Co Event Design.

Still a little unsure on choosing a colour palette for you event? Why not talk to a member of our team and one of our stylists would be delighted to help.  

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