Looking for a traditional or add a modern twist to your winter wedding? Our knowledgeable planners and stylists are experienced to help with either.

Ranging from low lighting, centre pieces, and colour schemes. Embracing every aspect will create a beautiful and romantic winter wedding. Weddings in this season are becoming as popular as summer weddings, including darker nights, which means brighter lighting and a better atmosphere inside. Another bonus to a winter wedding is that you may find venues are slightly cheaper not being in peak season.

Image By Lee Allison.

Many of us imagine dark and moody colours for a winter wedding which is much more the traditional route of red and golds, but this does not have to be the case. There are copious amounts of options for winter wedding colour schemes. We have seen darker colours being incorporated with lighter colours, for example burgundy and blush pinks.

Here are a few of our favourite colours being used for winter weddings.

Navy, silver, pinks and off-white is a great colour scheme to put a modern twist on your classic winter wedding. It creates more of boho luxe theme rather than traditional winter wedding vibes.

Image By Eve Dunlop Photography.

Keeping the traditional Winter wedding style flowing throughout with the berries and deep burgundy but adding the paler tones and greenery outweighs the heavier colours but still giving it warmth and a winter affect.

Image By Abi Gelatia.

This style is very delicate and can be adapted from a summer wedding to a wintery wedding by adding different shades of greys and charcoal to give it depth. This creates a calm, relaxed and modern vibe.

Take a look at our look books to get more seasonal wedding inspiration.

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