How to give your house a little refresh with limited resources?

There are many ways to make different spaces in your home look brand new or even changing furniture around sometimes gives your house a new look and feel.

Our Event Managers have been using their skills to create some amazing transformations and new pieces of furniture within their houses.

Laura and her partner have been upcycling vintage items for around their house. They have created a glass topped coffee table using an engine block from a Coventry climax engine. This used to be a close family member of theirs, which now they have put their own twist on. Laura has also turned this wood slice into a side table for her stylish house,  having to sand and seal it before installing the legs.

Here are recycled Roe Deer antlers made into an iPad stand which were given to an Event Manager which were saved from a local butcher before being thrown away.

Millie has renovated her hallway and stairs after being told that she would not be able to have her carpet fitted due to the pandemic. So, Millie got creative and sanded down her stairs and painted them. She also freshly wallpapered her walls and then began to style it with some items that she already had in her house to make it look on trend. Once she can have her carpet fitted, she will then complete the look she has always been wanting.

Above is a Roman black out blind one of our Event Managers have created with fabric remnants to match the colour scheme of their living room space.

Rachel has given her family home a fresh lick of paint throughout quarantine, starting from her living room and moving to a different room each week. The colours of her house have changed drastically that she has now began to upcycle furniture to suit the colour scheme throughout.

These incredible modifications are great for inside but if you are looking to transform your garden please see our renovations for outside during quarantine blog.

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