Blues have been everywhere over the past six months, especially in interiors, and it is a colour which is certainly here to stay. With Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 – a dark moody navy – and a popular wedding tradition to include something blue in your day, how can you include this must have colour in your wedding?

Using a dark blue throughout your tablescapes is certainly one way to make sure that they will stand out for all the right reasons. A dark napkin or hues of blue in your stationary, as seen in the menu below from the Luxe Paper Company, helps to give a moody feel to your wedding breakfast, as well as providing the table with depth. Similarly, a dark blue plate, like the one pictured below from CMA Hire, not only gives interest to your tables, but helps to frame the food perfectly and make it a focal point.

This deep blue also works perfectly for weddings, as it looks gorgeous alongside more neutral tones, such as the wedding favourites of cream and blush pink. Paired with these more traditional and muted colours the darker blue stands out and creates a divinely bold look. Why not think about including this blue in the styling of your day? You could consider one of our beautiful navy props such as the Dudley Chair. Make sure to talk to our team and visit our prop shop website to find the perfect prop to compliment your day. 

In terms of floristry, there are also a number of beautiful blue flowers that you may consider including in your special day, to help create fresh and stylish florals. If you are thinking about blue flowers for a summer wedding you could consider hydrangeas or cornflowers to add a subtle splash of colour to your bouquet or arrangements. For a winter wedding, Eryngium (commonly known as thistles) is a good choice to add icy blue tones. Our team of in-house florists are always happy to talk to you about colours, as well as seasonal flowers. 

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