Why choose a lounge area for your wedding day?

It is a thoughtful touch for your guests especially if they are looking to relax in the evening rather than putting on their dancing shoes. Also, it is a great way for guests to socialise with others and a talking point for some.

We have an extensive amount of furniture to suit everyone’s tastes and style. Please visit our prop shop website where you will find small props, soft furnishings, outdoor seating and other items that will help style your wedding day.

A frequently asked question from our couples are how do we incorporate a lounge area into our day?

– It will help create a cohesive style throughout your whole venue/marquee.

– You can bring your colour scheme into your furniture which will make your lounge area unique to you.

– For Example, having a tea & coffee station near to your lounge area so that your guests can relax in the down time during your day.

– Previous couples have used lounge areas to create a space for guests to play board games or for their younger guests to have games room space.

– Outdoor furniture is great for you to create more space if you feel the space inside could become cramped. The outdoor furniture would encourage guests to move outside, in winter months you could create an outdoor styled fire pit area. In summer months it could be an outdoor bar space during drinks reception or for the evening.

Another aspect that some couples show concern about is if they have enough space, we recommend splitting lounge furniture into smaller area’s if you don’t have enough space at your venue/marquee. Two or three armchairs make a small and intimate area, adding a side table or a dresser adds a nice touch too for example, Create a whiskey station with the chesterfield armchairs and the ‘Phillip dresser’.

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